December 2, 2023

5 Best Free and Open Source Call Center Software

Open Source Call Center Software

Open Source Call Center Software

Open Source Call Center Software for Great firms is those whose customers consistently rave about how well they’re treated. Their number one objective is the complete pleasure of their customers. It’s likely that many of you have read David Noonan’s “Aesop and the CEO,” in which he praises Southwest Airlines’ excellent customer service. Noonan emphasizes the company’s success in turning first-time buyers into loyal patrons. The importance of providing a positive experience for customers and how it may lead to brand loyalty is hammered home throughout the book.

A recent study found that people stop buying a brand when:

  1. Customers have to wait for longer than they should have to.
  2. Customers don’t get the right customer service reps to help them with their problems.
  3. Customers have to talk to a lot of different people before they can get the final answer.

Considering the above, it’s easy to see why contact centers are so crucial to:

Your company’s success may be greatly aided by establishing a well-run contact center with skilled employees, sufficient resources, and cutting-edge technology. Software designed for call centers may be essential in keeping customers happy.

What is software used in a call center?

Both inbound and outbound call centers work tirelessly to answer client questions and keep in touch with them in order to achieve their only goal of customer happiness and engagement. The Call Center Software steps in at this point. Managing relationships with customers is a challenging endeavor that calls for top-notch technological backing. In order to provide clients with a strikingly positive experience, call centers use technology.

By helping call centers streamline their day-to-day operations, Open Source Call Center Software improves the quality of service they provide to their customers. This program is jam-packed with tools that will make your life easier and cut down on your workload.

With the right use of technology, one may increase output while simultaneously decreasing input. The market is flooded with software options. Each option has pros and cons, and picking the right one depends on your needs and budget. Free and Open Source call center software will assist call centers in managing their workload effectively if they are on a tight budget.

We have compiled a list of the top open-source and free call-center programs for your company.

FREE and Open source Call Centre Software


No other contact center software comes close to Bitrix 24 in terms of sophistication, flexibility, ease of use, and availability at no cost to the user. To put it simply, it’s a one-stop shop for all of your call center’s requirements. Bitrix 24 is an open-source contact center solution that is free to use. Its features include a free help desk, multi-channel customer relationship management, and group task and project management. Features and cloud storage that will blow away your expectations are included. It’s capable of recording and transmitting audio. It’s available as both a desktop program and a mobile app. There is enough free space for 12 people, 5GB in total, 100 call recordings each month, and 1000 email messages per month.


Bitrix 24



VICIdial may be used as a Open Source Call Center Software. It’s a free and open-source program that may be used for any kind of contact center. The initial menu is available in 16 different languages, and a localized version may be made quickly and simply. Having everything accessible from a single interface is a huge plus. They also have a discussion board where you may post questions. A sophisticated predictive dialer is integrated into a streamlined interface.


VICI dial


For video conferencing, chat, and softphone, contact centers often employ the free and open source call center software Ekiga. It’s compatible with a wide variety of codecs. To put it simply, it’s easy to use. Every user is given a free SIP number. Video and audio calls may be made to anybody with a SIP address, no matter where they are in the globe.


Ekiga Call center software

      4. OrekaGPL by OrecX

Open source call center software OrekaGPL is widely used. Virtually everywhere you go, you’ll find a call recording system in place for the sake of employee development and customer satisfaction. That’s why they need reliable software that not only records calls but also protects the privacy of the information. For call centers, Oreka GPL makes this possible. Some call centers utilize the free Oreka GPL call recording software. After just half an hour of installation, it is ready to get to work. There are no further costs after installation. Voice over Internet Protocol is supported. Customizations may be made to the system. This open-source recording project presently supports VoIP and sound device-based capture. Any database may keep recorded calls, and they can be accessed online. Calls are passively recorded by Oreka GPL.


Orecx call center

5. Linphone

Affordable call costs, the lower requirement of hardware, and unbelievable features make the Voice over Internet protocol popular than traditional call methods. If your quest is for powerful VoIP software for your call center, then your search should invariably end with Linphone, which is an open source call center software. Linphone Desktop 4 is a VoIP/SIP platform for advanced audio/video calling in professional places and can be used by call centers to connect within the organization as well with specific clients. It is a Session Initiated Protocol based platform for calling and keeping call records. It works with both Mobile and desktop.





Keep in mind that your clients are both your company’s most precious asset and its most demanding stakeholder. The value that a company receives from its relationships with its customers over the course of its lifetime is known as customer lifetime value (CLV).

Your customer’s first impression of your dedication and sense of obligation to them will be formed throughout their interaction with your contact center’s helpdesk. A long-term value proposition is created for the company by investments in customer service solutions. Technology that helps manage client connections should never be avoided.

Everyone would choose a free open source program that was simple to use, quick to set up, and scalable. At the outset of this piece, we listed the fundamental capabilities of adequate contact center software. To choose the best software for your company, follow these guidelines:

Steps to select the best call center software for your business:

Make a detailed list of every feature you need for your company to run smoothly. The general rule of thumb is that more features equal greater value for your organization when it comes to software.

You should also consider whether or not the software vendors provide technical support.

Verify the hardware’s compatibility. Most people would do well to use software that needs as little technology as possible. Check to see whether the program is browser-based or cloud-based. It’s an important consideration depending on the line of work you’re in.

You should only commit to a piece of software if it can handle the volume of effort you expect to put into it and the number of user accounts you need.

Share your opinions in the comment area below. Please let us know what you think of the aforementioned contact center software if you have any experience with it.

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