December 1, 2023

Mystic Messenger Email Guidelines

Mystic Messenger email guide

Emails play a crucial role in the narrative of the mystic messenger email guide. You may save yourself hours of playtime and a great deal of heartache with just a few well-placed choices here and there.

See our Mystic Messenger email guide page for the full rundown on how to respond to every single email, for every single visitor, including the V and Ray Route (Another Tale) solutions!

One must invite people to the RFA’s party if they want a regular or nice ending in Mystic Messenger. A satisfying conclusion requires 10 or more confirmed attendees.

mystic messenger email guide

If you respond to invitation emails with more yeses than noes, your guests will show up. Underneath you can find the proper responses to all Mystic Messenger emails.

Your guests will contact you and start chats with you if you invite them to the Mystic Messenger chat rooms or if you agree that they should join in. This happens relatively seldom throughout the visual novel parts.

The usernames of the visitors, which start with the @ sign, are arranged alphabetically. You may quickly and easily discover what you’re searching for by using CTRL+F or the built-in search feature of your browser.

The guest list for Casual and Deep Stories is the same, but the one for Another Tale emails is not. They have their own section at the very bottom of the page.

Do you need further guidance to reach certain conclusions, find the correct path, or wow your preferred online chat partner? Our Mystic Messenger guide center is a repository of helpful tutorials, hints, and information.

Specifically, the Mystic Messenger conversation hours calendar and our Mystic Messenger character instructions are where you should turn if you want to know when and when to unlock email visitors.

In-Depth Mystical Email Stories from the Mystic Messenger email guide


  • Cat allergy
  • Beef and seaweed soup


  • Monet
  • The Louvre
  • Cantabile


  • I’ll look forward to your next video! 🙂
  • Report them.


  • 100% interest rate
  • Swiss bank.
  • $1.2 million all in cash.


  • Arabica coffee!
  • Drip brewing.
  • Italian


  • Don’t worry!
  • Lock U Up Silver Bracelet.
  • Claw machines at the mall.


  • Cat buffet.
  • How about people putting on a show?
  • Cat limousine!


  • Head meow!
  • Odd eye meow!
  • Crystal litter.


  • Of course
  • Give them food and wait.
  • Social media sites.


  • 3 cups, chef
  • You mix as if you’re cutting, chef.
  • 20 minutes

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