December 7, 2023

how to block emails on icloud ?

how to block emails on icloud 

how to block emails on icloud

Main problem is how to block emails on icloud If a certain sender is filling up your iCloud inbox with too many messages, you can block all messages from that email address. This can be helpful if, for example, you can’t figure out how to stop getting a newsletter.

The only bad thing is that you can’t set up email blocks in the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad; you have to do that on your Mac or PC using a web browser.

how to block emails on cloud to clear out your inbox

When you block spam email and other annoying emails in iCloud, you quickly stop unwanted messages from coming to your inbox. These emails may come from old newsletters you don’t have time to read, ads for products you don’t want, messages from people you don’t want to talk to, or emails that may contain harmful content.

how to block emails on icloud 

When you use the iCloud block email feature, messages from the sender go straight to your Trash folder instead of your Inbox. This stops the sender from writing to you. There are several ways in iCloud to stop getting spam emails. You can use the iCloud Mail app on your Mac or iCloud Mail on the web. You could also use an app like Clean Email to learn how to block an email address.

How to Block Emails on iCloud: 2 way

Using the Mail app on your Mac is a quick way to block an email address. You just have to find a message from the person you want to block and click on it. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open your Mac’s Mail app.
  2. Choose a message from that person.
  3. Move the cursor to the name in the header of the message.
  4. Choose Block Contact to put a Blocked icon next to the name of the sender.

From the iCloud website, you can only block emails if you set up a rule to automatically move unwanted emails to the Trash folder. Here’s how to stop iCloud emails from coming in through a web browser:

  1. Sign in to your account on the iCloud website.
  2. To open iCloud Mail, choose Mail.
  3. Choose an email from the address you want to block.
  4. Choose Rules by clicking on the gear icon next to Settings.
  5. Select Add a Rule from the Rules tab.
  6. Choose is from the If a message drop-down menu. The address you want to block is automatically filled in for you.
  7. From the Then drop-down menu, choose Move to Trash.
  8. Choose Done.

Why would you want to block an email sender?

There are a lot of reasons to block a sender’s emails. Most of these are because you don’t want to or don’t have time to read some messages. No matter why you want to block an email sender, it won’t completely stop them from sending you spam.

Even if you block a sender, you will still get emails from them. But you don’t get the message in your inbox. It goes to your Trash folder instead. So, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to deal with those messages. Plus, the person you blocked won’t know you did it.

You don’t have to block an email address to get rid of emails you don’t want. If you are on mailing lists and no longer want the newsletters you are getting.

One Last Thing

Your email inbox can fill up quickly and become too much to handle. If you have more messages in your inbox than you can handle in 15 minutes, you can use the iCloud block email feature to send the ones you don’t want to the Trash folder.

If you only want to block an email sender, you can do that through the iCloud app or website. Choose the Clean Email app if you want more ways to organize your iCloud emails and get more done by managing them better.

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