December 7, 2023

What is a Subdomain?

What is Sub-domain?

Discover the many facets of our website, including the coveted sub-domain section. Experience the power of a domain name with our website’s home page,

Enhance the organization of your website’s other pages by creating distinct sub-domains for each of them. Discover the versatility of subdomains! A subdomain like can serve as a dedicated space for your blog, while can function as your very own online store.

Expand your online presence with sub-domains. Create new websites or add a fresh TLD to your URL. The possibilities are endless.

Discover how subdomains can help you differentiate your website from the competition. With, you can create a unique online presence that’s still connected to your main domain name. Meanwhile, can feature a different TLD, like .org, to signal that it’s a distinct website that stands on its own.

Types of sub-domain

subdomain vs sub folder

Discover the intricacies of sub-domains with us!

Sub-domain: Path and Name (

Discover the fundamental sub-domain type. Elevate your online presence by crafting a unique domain name within the top-level domain. With this, you can effortlessly direct traffic to your website or a specific section of it. There are various methods to achieve this, such as utilizing an A record, CNAME, or even a distinct protocol like Bitly.

Discover the distinction! By sub-domain, we mean the secondary website installation. This could be your personal area on another domain, such as

Sub-domain: Path (

Experience the rising popularity of this sub-domain. Experience the same seamless functionality as before, but with a twist. Rather than crafting a new top-level domain, this method generates a path within the existing top-level domain.

Sub-domain: Name (

Experience the rising popularity of this sub-domain. Experience the same seamless functionality as before, but with a twist. Rather than crafting a new top-level domain, this method generates a pathway within the existing top-level domain.

Sub-domain: IP Address (

With this type of sub-domain, you can effortlessly link your website to the IP address of the web server, instead of a top-level domain like Discover your website’s IP address by simply visiting.

How can I make use of subdomains?

Unlock the power of sub-domains! With this amazing feature, you can effortlessly create specific web pages under your top-level domain. Easily connect your primary website to other sites within your organization’s jurisdiction with our innovative linking feature.

With the sub-domain feature, sharing content among multiple ecommerce websites belonging to the same business entity is a breeze.

Elevate your organization’s online presence with professional website and web page maintenance, commonly utilized by large corporations. Effortlessly share resources like images, videos, and documents across various departments or divisions within your organization with this exceptional solution.

In addition, there are numerous other ways in which it can prove advantageous for you! Imagine owning a thriving blogging platform with a plethora of articles covering various sub-topics.

Easily organize and host all your subtopics under one main blog by configuring a sub-domain for each one.

Experience the familiarity of traditional computer directories with our system. Discover how you can store multiple sub-domains under a single website address, just like how you can organize numerous folders under a directory.

Easily create a sub-domain from your current domain with the help of a Canonical Name record, also known as a CNAME record. Easily assign sub-domain names to your main domain with this feature.

Easily put, CNAME serves as a vital contact point for your website, enabling visitors to reach you from various locations.

Make it easy for people to send you mail! With our contact details, you won’t have to worry about people searching for your physical office address. Simply direct them to your website address and they can easily send you mail.

With CNAME, you can effortlessly modify your domain’s contact information, including its name, and even utilize diverse names as sub-domains for your primary website.

Unlock the potential of your website by effortlessly creating multiple sub-domains with this method. Please note that sub-domains are exclusively reserved for your own website.

Easily configure a sub-domain on your website with just a few simple steps. Simply adjust the DNS settings provided by your domain name system provider, and you’re good to go!

Discover the importance of a subdomain.

When it comes to building an online store that’s a section or subsection of your website, the best approach is to have it on a subdomain. This is because when people link to specific products in the store pages, they’ll use the subdomain. So, if you want to ensure seamless navigation and easy access to your online store, a subdomain is the way to go.

If you’re looking to create a top-level section of your website that’s unique to your business as a whole, such as an informational resource or a “online store,” it may be best to use the www. This will help distinguish it from specific product pages or groups of products.

Consider this: Would visitors to your website be more inclined to link to specific products or subsections, or to something that sets your business apart as a whole?

For a distinctive representation of your business, I recommend opting for the www as it facilitates seamless linking for your audience.

For optimal linking, it’s best to utilize the subdomain for your product-focused website section. This will ensure that visitors can easily access and share your offerings.

How do you set up a subdomain?

Cpanel is a tool that is easy to use and can make it easier for you to manage various hosting accounts. And the best thing about Cpanel is that you don’t need to know anything about computers to use it. Anyone can use it without much trouble. Creating a name on Cpanel is easy. Just follow these steps;

1) Sign in to cPanel and click on “Subdomains” in the “Domains” area. You will see a screen like the one below:

2) Now, type your subdomain’s name into the text box. It can be anything, such as www or blog.

3) Type in the name of your subdomain, and then click the “Create” button to make it. This is how easy it is to set up a subdomain in Cpanel.

Domain vs Subdomain

Imagine this: You’re a reader who’s been tasked with a crucial project. Your client desires to utilize a domain name that has been procured for a considerable period and has already been configured with an SSL certificate.

Looking to redirect your domain to a subdomain while keeping your SSL certificate valid? Our team can make it happen. Let us handle the technical details so you can focus on your business. Avoid the hassle of buying a new certificate for your subdomain.

The inquisitive individual inquires:

Looking to redirect your domain name to another subdomain under your hosting account? Consider using DNS A records for a seamless and efficient solution. Retain the SSL certificate linked to it, nonetheless? Looking to secure your subdomain? You may need to acquire an SSL certificate specifically for that subdomain.

Despite my best efforts to search the web, I was unable to locate the answer I was seeking. Is it possible to accomplish this task?

Discover two distinct methods to accomplish this task, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While not a commonly discussed topic, it is worth exploring these options.

By redirecting your domain to the subdomain, you can save on the additional cost of a separate SSL certificate. Plus, you can anticipate a swift re-indexing of your site by all search engines. Elevate your online presence by securing a domain extension from a distinct website.

In the event of a redirect malfunction, your website may become temporarily inaccessible and a few visitors may accidentally land on an incorrect site due to a typo.

For optimal domain redirection, it’s recommended to utilize an A Record for the primary domain and a CNAME record for the subdomain. Now you can share an SSL certificate seamlessly between both.

Maximize your website’s potential by using the appropriate DNS records for redirecting. When redirecting from a subdomain to a domain, ensure to utilize an A record for the main domain and a name for the subdomain. Keep your website running smoothly with the right DNS configurations. Discover the convenience of having all future emails sent to addresses on your main domain end up on the subdomain, once you’ve completed this simple step.

Reduce the impact of this issue by establishing SMTP forwarding from the subdomain to the domain.

If changing the hosting and/or DNS settings is not feasible for any reason, consider utilizing a 301 redirect. This will typically maintain search engine positions and referrer data, although it may take a few days for search engines to re-crawl and index the site.

In conclusion

Discover the power of subdomains – websites that live within the URL of another domain. Frequently employed to establish supplementary websites for distinct objectives, such as advertising or client support.

Although subdomains are generally not recommended for optimal search engine optimization (SEO), they can be advantageous in creating a distinct website through the use of subdomains. Experience seamless ecommerce with our platform’s primary domain name feature. Get a free domain and web address to enhance your existing website and take your online business to the next level.

Unlock the full potential of your website with subdomains. While they offer numerous benefits, it’s important to use them correctly to avoid any potential drawbacks. Discover the ins and outs of subdomains with our latest blog post. Learn how they function and determine if they’re the perfect fit for your enterprise. Experience our website’s location-specific sites, all under one root domain.

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